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Who has the cheapest auto insurance with no deposit?

I’d avoided buying a car for as long as I could. I didn’t need one for a long time. I was able to walk to work from my apartment. The grocery store was on the way. Any time I went out, I either bummed a ride or took a cab. That got a little expensive, to be honest, so I just started going out to places in my neighborhood.

But things change, as the always do. To make a long story short, I was offered a job at another office that was across town. It came with a small raise but mostly it was a position that would offer me a lot of opportunities. I had to take it.

Unfortunately, with the bus schedule didn’t agree with my work schedule. I’d either have to get to work at an insanely early hour or show up late every day. Getting home was a little hairy, too, I’d have to wait for about a half hour after I finished and by the time I got home, I’d be putting in something like a 12 hour day between leaving early and getting home late.

A car was my only option. I didn’t need something new because I was really only planning on using it for work. Plus, I didn’t want to have a huge car payment because I’d also have to pay to park and put gas in it and everything else that comes along with owning a car.

One way I figured I could save some money was to find very cheap car insurance no deposit. I didn’t think it would be easy to do. Who am I kidding? I didn’t think it would be possible to do. But I soon discovered that I had no idea what all was available out there.

I had good credit but not a very long credit history so a lot of places still wanted a deposit. Guess they thought I was going to all of the sudden stop paying my bills, I don’t know. Most places didn’t really care when I explained my situation. I mean, I needed the insurance so I could drive to my new job where I’d be making more money. But I finally found an agent willing to listen. I had my insurance sorted the week before I started my new job. So far, it’s going great.


Used Cars and Proving My Brother Wrong

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Why used cars are good

My older brother is one of those super annoying people who competes with everyone. Even people who aren’t competing or who aren’t even aware that there was a competition going on. Like, if you happen to say you’re tired in front of him, he’ll go on about how much more tired he is than you. When we have potlucks at my mom and dad’s house, he literally talks about how great his own dish. Never, “Oh, ma, this turkey is so good, did you use brine?” No, instead he says things like, “These mashed potatoes are so good! Why am I such a good cook?”

You can image how annoying he is. Which is why when I was looking at used cars for sale, I didn’t even want to mention it in front of him. I didn’t want to hear about how much better his car was than mine and how used cars were lame or cheap or whatever.

I asked my dad if he wanted to come to some used car dealerships with me to help me decide. We made plans and, unfortunately, my brother was at their house when I went to pick him up. And then it started, on and on about how I was silly for considering a used car. He told me 3 times how much he paid for his new car 4 years ago and told me I was going to pick a lemon and then I’d wish I listened to him.

I fortunately live near the Canadian Border so I was able to find some great dealerships accross (Happy that the U.S dollar is so strong!). Here’s a few of the car dealerships I found at

Imagine how satisfied I was when I found a great car. One that just happened to be the same make, model, and year as my brother’s car. It didn’t have many miles on it, either, the previous owner only used it on weekends. So, I had the exact same car that my brother was bragging about only it had fewer miles and I paid a lot less for it.

When I pulled into the driveway at my parents’ house the next weekend for family dinner, I was so satisfied to see his face. It was priceless. My mom hadn’t seen it yet, either, and was gracious as always. I smugly told her what I paid for it and what a great deal it was. Then I looked at my brother and said, “Why am I so good at buying used cars?” It’s petty, I know. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t gratifying.


Finding the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa

Does the thought of finding a good auto insurance company crosses your mind, as you wind your way through the picturesque roads and scenic highways of Tulsa? Well, driving conditions can be tough in this charming city during spring and summer because thunderstorms bring hail and strong winds along, henceforth it would be a smart move to find the cheapest auto insurance Tulsa ok in order to provide perfect coverage for your car. Listed below are a few tips that are bound to help you in achieving your auto insurance goal effectively. So, are you ready?

  1. Identify your requirement

Getting your hands on the best auto insurance policy is going to be a smooth task once you are done with prioritizing what you require out of the coverage. There are several questions that should be answered while searching for a car insurance policy service. So, ask yourself.

Is your purpose solely to find the cheapest auto insurance Tulsa? Will getting the cheapest offer affect your actual coverage needs? Are you particular about customer service? Once you have found all the answers, then there are other things to consider as well, like your location, credit score, driving history and condition of your vehicle. Clear your mind before moving ahead! Getting something like no deposit car insurance (Like this: be cheap for example, but full coverage auto insurance may cost you an arm and a leg!

  1. Analyze reputation of companies

Are you already done with discovering a good number of car insurance service providers within your area? Well, then the next step is to shortlist the ones that appear to be the best and carry out an investigation in order to identify the cheapest auto insurance tulsa services among them. You need to analyze the reputation as well as the financial standing of the companies you have shortlisted, before making a final choice. This is to ensure that the option you have selected is reliable and capable enough to pay for damages, when needed. Also, check out how other customers have rated the service and don’t forget to confirm if the company is licensed to sell to you. Don’t forget that everything on the internet is not real so don’t believe all reviews. Only visit authentic websites and do your homework before proceeding.

  1. Compare quotes

Analyzing quotes would definitely be something already on your mind when looking for the cheapest auto insurance tulsa. Since auto insurance in Tulsa is comparatively quite pricier than most parts of Oklahoma, it is essential to get the best bargain by comparing quotes of at least three companies. In addition to this, do some homework by talking to friends and family about their car insurance providers to discern their satisfaction level in terms of rates, coverage and customer service. You can even consider getting multi-line coverage as some companies give good discounts if customers purchase more than one line of coverage, like homeowner insurance and car insurance.

  1. Evaluate coverage periodically

In order to reap maximum benefits of the cheapest auto insurance tulsa ok, it is crucial to periodically evaluate your coverage. This is because certain situations tend to increase or decrease the premiums offered by such companies. For example, lower premiums are likely if you buy a new car with great safety features, or if you move to a low-crime area, or even as you get older because mature drivers are often offered lower auto insurance rates. On the contrary, in situations like adding a teenager to your car insurance policy, or moving to a more accident-prone area, premiums will probably increase. Are you going to experience a life event like this anytime soon? Make sure to evaluate your coverage and keep an eye on different providers’ quotes for the most affordable deal.

  1. Involve an agent or broker

Are you willing to give a little fee for being facilitated with professional help to help you find the cheapest auto insurance tulsa services? If yes, then convey your car insurance needs to an agent or broker. Although, it may cost you some extra bucks, but will make this “searching process” more smooth and beneficial. A broker can get you information about the best coverage and price from several companies near you while an agent will prove helpful if you already have a specific company in mind and wish to learn more about its auto insurance policy. So, if you think that spending time and energy on finding the best option might be quite a hassle, then let the experts do the work while you sit back and relax. One way we recommend finding quotes is comparing online on sites like:


In order to get what you desire, you have to follow all these above-mentioned steps one by one. It will not just save you from an unnecessary hassle, but will also guide you in achieving your goal, i.e. to find the best yet cheapest auto insurance service in Tulsa. The key is to clear your mind from any confusion and proceed ahead.


On the whole, the process of discovering the cheapest auto insurance tulsa services can be somewhat daunting unless you go about it step by step. First things first, you need to set your priorities and investigate the reputation and financial standing of multiple companies before you start comparing quotes. It is highly important to recognize the factors that play a vital role in influence pricing and for this, you should also evaluate your coverage time to time. Auto insurance companies tend to charge you differently, depending on where you reside. Remember, the key is not only to get the lowest price but also maximum coverage with minimum premium in times of unintentionally violated traffic, at-fault accidents and other similar common situations that boost premium. In short, find an auto insurance policy that perfectly fits your needs, provides brilliant coverage and is offered at an affordable price. Only then can you label it as the best yet cheapest auto insurance tulsa ok. Wouldn’t you be glad if you just had to enter your zip code to gain access to details of different companies in your area and start comparing their quotes and perks? Well, get started right here!


It’s hard to find good craftsmen or tradesmen these days. It used to be that if you hired someone to do something, they did it right. That’s the way it used to be for everything; you do something, you do something right. No messing around and no half-hearted effort. Unfortunately, it seems that things have changed.

Over the past two years alone, I’ve had to call on every type of tradesmen you can think of. Plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, carpenters, labourers and more. I was having extensive work done on my home and had to go all out when hiring for it.

I had different experiences with each of them, some good and some bad. Mainly bad.

I had to hire three different plumbers; two of them just rectify the mistakes of the first one. Three locksmiths because the first locksmith messed up the locks so the door wouldn’t lock properly and the second made it so the doors wouldn’t unlock. These guys just didn’t care.

With some of the smaller jobs, it wasn’t that bad. But for some of the bigger undertakings, safety was paramount. When it came to setting up the electrics; lighting, stove circuits, outlets, etc. I couldn’t just hire someone and hope for the best. If the electricians messed up in the same way the other guys did, it could be dangerous. Some faulty wiring and my house could’ve gone up in flames. With me and my family in it too. Especially if we hadn’t yet had the locks fixed.

I did my research when it came to hiring electricians Tulsa. I poured through pages on my browser to find the best electricians in my area and spoke to every friend and family member I could get a hold of to ask them about who they had used. More than one person recommended Davis Electrical Design. They said that their electricians were hard-workers, prompt and actually saw their craft as a craft; something to be respected and revered.

I took their advice and let’s just say that I didn’t have to hire another electrician to fix their work. Me and my family can sit at home knowing that we’re safe and secure and that everything works as it should.


How to find cheap no deposit car insurance

I’ve had both cheap auto insurance and expensive auto insurance. I’ve been with as many as seven different auto insurance companies in the past decade and have had mixed experiences as well as many ups and downs with each of them. Whilst all of the companies are essentially the same in that they’re selling auto insurance, they can differ greatly in terms of actual level of service provided.

With some of the companies I paid a lot and received a lot. Another company I paid a lot and received nothing. It always pays to actually read the fine print and make sure you know exactly what you are getting insurance-wise for your money without any misunderstandings or room for error. Some companies I paid very little in way of monthly payments and received both good and bad coverage and service.

One thing that all of the cheaper companies had in common was expensive deposits. Initially, you think you’re getting dirt cheap auto insurance but when you factor in the deposit, it isn’t actually as cheap as you first though. As well as reading the fine print, you should always do the actual financial math and take the time to really work out what you’ll be paying out over the year.

If sitting down with a notepad and working out the exact costs seems daunting to you, or just simply unpleasant, then there may be a better way. You can do what I did.

With my latest insurance company, lucky number eight, I managed to get a cheap monthly rate, decent coverage with low excesses, all without a deposit. Yes, you read that right. No deposit at all.

Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

When I started looking for cheap car insurance with no deposit the first thing I did was do some googling for car insurance agencies. That is until I realized how much they we’re charging was nuts. I eventually found a great place offering very cheap car insurance no deposit (Link the left); and that’s what I recommend you use.

This makes things far simpler when selecting which company to use, which as we all know can be difficult. Finding cheap car insurance without a deposit completely eliminates a factor in selecting a company. You know what you’re paying for a deposit… because you’re paying nothing.

This also makes it easier to work out exactly how much you’ll be paying without any nasty hidden costs. Take it from me, you can quite easily find a great monthly deal for good auto insurance without having to pay a deposit.



Now, I know I’m overpaying for auto insurance. Auto insurance is meant to get cheaper with each renewal, yet I end up paying slightly more with each passing year. I’ve had no accidents and thus no claims. But every year that I renew, my insurance company manage to chuck on little additions and extras that leave the price creeping up.

When I got my first car I was a young man. The premiums were huge, as is expected with young people who have no personal track record or a general stereotype for reckless behaviour. For a while, my insurance steadily decreased. As it should. Until fairly recently, where I noticed it was going from a small, unnoticeable annual payment to an amount that took a larger and larger chunk out of my bank account each year.

I know that I only have to call up to rectify the situation. But what should be a short, five minute conversation ends up taking over an hour as I get left on hold for ages, only for a sleazy insurance salesman to jump on the other end of the line and talk me into paying even more. Even when I mentally prepare myself for what I’m going say, I find my resolve weakening as the silver tongued salesman tricks me into giving them more money. Every single time. I get off the phone and I’m just furious with myself for falling for it again.

But I can’t let it carry on. It’s beyond ridiculous what I’m paying and I know that someone out there is offering far cheaper auto insurance. I have no claims and no accidents apart from a small knock against a wall that I paid for out of my own pocket. I should be able to get a killer deal for very little. It should almost be a negligible amount I’m paying for full cover. Just a simple matter of finding out who provides the cheapest auto insurance.

The easiest way, in my opinion, these days to find a good deal is through comparison sites. There are tons of them. Rather than have to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of websites, there’s far too many, you can use one website that does all the work for you. Input your details, what you require, etc. and let them do all the heavy lifting. Simple. I’ve already found some awesome bargains on these comparison sites but I feel that if I keep searching, I’ll be able to find a real gem. The comparison site I like the most so far is:, I’ve been able to find some great deals on the cheapest full coverage auto insurance. I’ll still keep looking though!



Welcome to Serenitynetwork.

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Welcome to Serenitynetwork.


My name is Jay, I’m a personal trainer and counselor ( Addiction counselor)

This is my personal blog; I made it so my clients and friends could learn more about me and so that I should tips on training your body.

My other main goal is to help give addiction advice. Thing’s like quitting drugs, alcohol, or something are hard, but not impossible.

I hope my blog can help educate and inspire visitors. If you ever need someone to talk to, please email me. I’d be glad to help (for addiction counseling).