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It’s hard to find good craftsmen or tradesmen these days. It used to be that if you hired someone to do something, they did it right. That’s the way it used to be for everything; you do something, you do something right. No messing around and no half-hearted effort. Unfortunately, it seems that things have changed.

Over the past two years alone, I’ve had to call on every type of tradesmen you can think of. Plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, carpenters, labourers and more. I was having extensive work done on my home and had to go all out when hiring for it.

I had different experiences with each of them, some good and some bad. Mainly bad.

I had to hire three different plumbers; two of them just rectify the mistakes of the first one. Three locksmiths because the first locksmith messed up the locks so the door wouldn’t lock properly and the second made it so the doors wouldn’t unlock. These guys just didn’t care.

With some of the smaller jobs, it wasn’t that bad. But for some of the bigger undertakings, safety was paramount. When it came to setting up the electrics; lighting, stove circuits, outlets, etc. I couldn’t just hire someone and hope for the best. If the electricians messed up in the same way the other guys did, it could be dangerous. Some faulty wiring and my house could’ve gone up in flames. With me and my family in it too. Especially if we hadn’t yet had the locks fixed.

I did my research when it came to hiring electricians Tulsa. I poured through pages on my browser to find the best electricians in my area and spoke to every friend and family member I could get a hold of to ask them about who they had used. More than one person recommended Davis Electrical Design. They said that their electricians were hard-workers, prompt and actually saw their craft as a craft; something to be respected and revered.

I took their advice and let’s just say that I didn’t have to hire another electrician to fix their work. Me and my family can sit at home knowing that we’re safe and secure and that everything works as it should.